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Stephen Schneider: Heterosexual love interest, heterosexual bottom, hung sleazoid, diversity dad

 Stephen Schneider's profile on the IMDB tells us only that he was born in Sharon, Massachusetts and he's married with children.  Wikipedia adds that he's Jewish.


Here he and his Dad study for his Bar Mitzvah.

He graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, started a sketch comedy website, and wrote, produced, and starred in some short films, including "Not Gay," 2006.

Soon Stephen found his niche in comedy, playing quirky boyfriends.

Ray Stark, the Love Interest of one of the Best Friends Forever, 2012.

Ben in the relationship comedy, Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight, 2014.

You're the Worst,
2014-17, follows the romance of two horrible people, Jimmy and Gretchen.  Stephen plays Gretchen's ex, who is still in love with her.  They eventually hookup, of course.

Stephen is on the IMBD list of Hung Actors, along with Derek Yates,John Cena, and Ben Affleck -- #32, but I don't think it's organized by size.  He gets naked here, but no frontal.

Broad City
, 2014-2017, follows two female best friends looking for love and sex in contemporary New York. Stephen plays Abbi's hunky next door neighbor, whom she is crushing on.  When they finally hook up, she discovers that he's a heterosexual anal bottom.  Not a problem, but then she tries to wash his favorite dildo in the dishwasher, ruining it, ending the relationship.

For someone who gets placed on the Hung List, Stephen is rather stingy about showing his dick.  In Broad City, all we get are underwear shots.

More Stephen after the break. Caution: arousal.

Imaginary Mary
, 2016-17, follows public relations executive Alice getting career and relationship advice from the imaginary friend from her childhood.  Stephen plays Ben, her Love Interest.  He doesn't strip, but Nicholas Coombe, playing his teenage son, does.

In Breaking Them Up, 2020, Stephen makes the break from Love Interests to Dads. Fifteen-year old Damien enlists the help of his best buddy/love interest Erin in breaking up his parents so they can find better partners.

I went through this on fast-forward. Erin switches between masculine and feminine clothing, but everyone uses she/her pronouns, and no queer, nonbinary, or trans identity is mentioned. Actor Tess Aubert identifies as queer and uses they/them pronouns.  

Best Foot Forward, 2022, is a change of pace for Stephen: the father of a kid with a prosthetic leg negotiating public school. the kid, not the leg.. 

A profile on CBS Philadelphia notes that Logan Marmino, who plays Josh, is an accomplished athlete: he plays on his school baseball team, competes in Paralymptic track, and is into basketball, surfing, skateboarding, and running in 5ks

Stephen's favorite role to date is in Season 3 of The Righteous Gemstones: his Stephen Downes, a guitarist, has an affair with singer Judy Gemstone while they are on tour.  She ends it, but he refuses to let her go, teasing her husband BJ about his sexploits and calling him a "faggot" for disapproving of sleaze talk.

Left: Stephen and Tim Baltz (BJ) have dinner with their tv wives and real-life wives (not shown)

He even sends BJ a dick pic to brag about his sexual prowess.  Actually a stunt cock, not really belonging to Stephen.  But not to worry, he's naked for five minutes, with his cock and butt in full view, in a later episode.

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