Autobiographical Stories

Childhood/High School:

The Boy on the Prospect List: win souls any way you can

I Learn about Gay Sex in the Church Parking Lot: But I don't get BJs right

 The Nazarene Teen Idol

I Pray Through to Vic-trah: With Phil's hand on my....

My Job as an Athletic Trainer

Nazarene Baptism: A liberal preacher, a swimming pool baptism, and a lot of sausage sightings

On My Knees in a Cute Boy's Bedroom

 The Preacher Pops a Boner

Showering with Portuguese boys at a church conference in Switzerland

College/Grad School:

Tbe Baptist Student Union: Two Baptist boys give in to temptation

Bloomington's Adult Bookstore

The First Gay Rights March in Iowa

The German Choirboy

Spring Break in Iceland: A hookup with a Nordic god

West Hollywood:

A Date with Kris leads to Christopher Atkins' Dick: plus hiking at Griffith Park

"Only Fools Wear Pajamas": Reconnecting with my Cousin George


Arkansas:  8 Arkansan hunks throwing an axe, playing chess, and hanging out

Balkans: 12 bulging Bosnians, hung Herzegovinians, and Croatian cocksmen

Germany: 8 divine Deutcher dudes with sizeable Schwanzen

Hungary: 8 Budapest bulges, Pecs penises, and Miskolc muscles

Iowa: 10 Hawkeye hunks

Ireland: 9 Kilkenny cocks and Dublin dicks.

New Orleans: 8 Cajun cocks and bulging backcity boys for your crewe

Portugal: Braga bulges, Porto penises, dancers, a gay couple, and a duke

Scotland: 8 staunch Scotsmen with right proper stauners under their sporrans

South America; 8 Indios with pecs, abs, bulges, and the highest penis strings in the tribe

South Carolina: Penises and packages

Ten glorious Gavins and magnificent muscle Munns from around the world

Wyoming: 8 guys flexing in Idaho, hiking in Wyoming, and hooking up in Colorado


Season 1: Kelvin bottoms, Pontius says "gay." Gideon falls in love, and Keefe checks for semen loads

Season 2: Kelvin swishes, the God Squad eats, Keefe asks about sex, and I don't get an Easy Bake Oven.

Season 3, Part 1: Dildos, the nice Satanist boy, Cousins' Night, and waffles after (censored).

Season 3, Part 2: Dating during the breakup: Taryn, Karl, Gideon, Levi, or Elmo the Muppet?

Season 3, Part 3: The bare-butt massage, plowing, posting, and what a kiss is for

Future Memes: A gay resort, dogs' cousin night, a nude wedding, a demon in the sack, and "Who dreamed it?"

Gideon Memes: Impressing a cute boy, the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and his first fully clothed scene in five years.

Montgomery Boys Manscaping: "If you've got a dick, we're on it!"


Before Season 1:

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Bondage doesn't solve everything: Kelvin and Keefe break up.

Gideon Moves out of the Friend Zone: During the Episode 3.4 break-up, Gideon gets the nerve to ask Keefe for a date

The Kiss Heard 'Round the World: The day of the Episode 3.8 kiss, seen through the eyes of Amber, Gideon, Eli, Judy, Keefe, and Jesse

Kelvin's Rebound Date with Percy: After the Episode 3.4 break-up

Season 4 and After:

BJ's Angels: A Righteous Gemstones spin-off, with BJ as the unseen head of a detective agency

Kelvin and Keefe, Matchmakers: Cousin Karl has just come out, and wants a boyfriend. 

A Perfect Southern Gentleman, Part 1: Cousin Karl has been dating Percy for three weeks, and thinks it is time for "bedroom things"

A Perfect Southern Gentleman, Part 2: Their first night together

Where You Go, I Will Go: The Kelvin/Keefe commitment ceremony

Art and Music

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