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Cullen Moss: Two drag queens, two homophobes, a security guard, a fairy, and a frontal


Cullen Moss is one of those actors who you've seen in a dozen tv shows and movies, but he is so completely immersed in the role that when you see him again, you don't recognize him.  

Born in Brooklyn but raised in North Carolina, he graduated from Mount Tambor High School in 1993 and moved immediately into local North Carolina theater.  A lot of iconic and gay-positive roles:

Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire
Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream
Alan Strang, the one who gets naked on stage in Equus
Clifford Bradshaw, the Christopher Isherwood character, in Cabaret
The drag queen Albin in La Cage aux Folles
The closeted, homophobic Roy Cohn in Angels in America

His tv career began with some voiceovers in the 90s, followed by a starring role in One Tree Hill, 2003-2012, as Junk Moretti, a high school boy with a "girlfriend who lives in Canada" (gay kids have all been there; mine lived in Paris). 

Later Cullen has played a detective in Your Honor, a cop in The Walking Dead, and ..his list of credits on IMDB goes on like that.

In a two-episode story arc on Eastbound & Down in 2013, Cullen played Mark, "the smarmy, slow-motion punching, donut-gifting smuck of a rental car company manager," boss of Danny McBride's washed-up baseball player.

This led to a role as Brock, head security guard of the Gemstone Compound in Righteous Gemstones Episodes 1.6 and 1.7.  Scotty, Gideon's "friend from California" and co-conspirator in the blackmail scheme, flirts with him to get easy access to compound, even asking for shirtless photos.

Brock returns in Episode 1.9, to deny BJ admission after he and Judy break up, criticize his name, and act like a macho jerk.

He returns in Episode 2.3, to announce that Eli's friend Junior is at the front gate.  Eli says to not admit him, and they argue.

More Cullen after the break

Since the Gemstones, Cullen has had starring roles in Black Bird, The Outer Banks, and Your Honor, and he has Rebel Girl coming up.

Not a lot of beefcake photos on his social media.  His instagram is devoted mostly to photos of his projects, and his wife and kids.

And hanging out with male friends. 

Searching in gay hook up and porn sites has yielded nothing -- apparently the Cullen is straight, not even curved around the edges.  But at least he's been nude on stage and in some of his movies. 

We get a butt shot in Underground (2016), about the underground railroad in antebellum Georgia.  Cullen plays an incompetent slave-catcher in two episodes.

And another in Assassination Nation (2018). Cullen played an anti-gay politician who secretly hires male prostitutes and dresses in drag.  When he is outed, he commits suicide.

A frontal in Avalanche (2018): the avalanche traps a librarian, his wife, and her lover in the house.  Here Cullen is leaving the bathroom to have sex with a naked lady, so I assume he's the lover.

That's quite a lot of nudity for someone who gets mostly minor roles.  Now, if he could just post some shirtless pics to his Instagram...

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