Monday, May 6, 2024

Skyler's Hot/Hung Photos, Part 1: Birthdays, biceps, and a Viking Satyr. Plus Asa Butterfield's junk

This is a collection of cute/cool or hot/humorous photos of  Skyler Gisondo, star of The Santa Clarita Diet and The Righteous Gemstones, and Jimmy Olsen in the upcoming Superman: Legacy.   As far as I know, he's over 18 in all of them.  He doesn't have any verifiable nude photos online, but some of his friends do, and there are some interesting chatroom and hookup app possibilities.

1. 24th birthday, with cat, odd presents, and a bare chest.

2. "Ok, I switched to a muscle shirt.  Now can we kiss?"

3. Is an infinite number of Skylers enough?

4. Skyler starred in The Santa Clarita Diet as the boyfriend of the daughter of the zombified Sheila Hammond.  Thomas Novak played their high school principal.

5.Skyler dressed as a Viking Satyr for a competition in Wet Hot American Summer.   If you don't like eating hot peppers, I have another suggestion.

6. A more realistic Viking-Satyr costume for you to consider

More genuine Gisondo after the break. Warning: explicit.

7. It's nearly impossible to look cool while eating a hamburger, but Sky pulls it off.

8. Skyler's chest is like Adam Devine's penis, a constant topic of conversation.

9. Speaking of chests....

10. Skyler and Asa Butterfield played gay-subtext boyfriends who get girlfriends in Time Freak.  Here Asa's junk is displayed to the class in Sex Education.  I assume he used a stand-in cock.

11. The Liberace look

12. I don't understand how a vulgar gesture and crabs are related.

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