Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Christopher Atkins: Nude photos of my West Hollywood friend and 1980s gay icon (who never played a gay role)


I met Christopher Atkins a few times when I lived in California: my friend was starring with him in a Smokey and the Bandits rip-off.  

Recently we became facebook friends. Well, me and 3,800 other people.  But I'm one of the few who responds to his posts.

"Come on, Christopher, it's big, but not big enough to write your entire name and a heart on." (I didn't really say that.)

Christopher was one of the first actors to go full frontal on the big screen.  Several times.Here he shows off in his iconic but immensely heterosexist Blue Lagoon (1980).  At the time, he hated performing nude.

In A Night in Heaven (1983), he played a male stripper at a ladies-only club. 

In real life Christopher has been a gay ally since the start of his career.  While other actors were insisting that only women enjoyed looking at their physique, he was happily discussing his appeal to gay fans in magazines like The Advocate.

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An early-1990s candid with a crawdad.

In Wet and Wild Summer (1993), he just shows his butt.

But he continued to post nude through the 1990s.

At 62, Christopher still performs occasionally -- you may have seen him in Lake of Fire (2020) as a high school runner's alcoholic dad.  But he's mostly concerned with his business ventures, and spending time with his family.  Here his Halloween costume is a poop emoji.  No, his son Grant is not really that buffed.

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