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Marcus Hodson: Shape-shifting demon or hyper-masculine Midlands model? With nude merman bonus

On Dead Hot (2024), Marcus Hodson plays a shape-shifting demon, a hermetic Magus who travels between esoteric realms through the Eye of Horus bar and its mysterious Red Phone.  I wanted to know if he plays other mysterious Pucks or Lords of Misreason, but his IMDB listing is rather basic  Five roles, all 2022-2024: 

You Like That, a short about a gay American student in Edinburgh.

The Stand-up Sketch Show, where comedians perform "a surreal reconstruction of their own material."  Marcus is a background player in five episodes.

An episode of Domino Day, about a young witch "haunted by her need to feed on others." In Episode 2, Marcus plays a hookup who smooches with her and is eaten.

Gentleman in Moscow
is about a Russian aristocrat placed under house arrest in a hotel for the rest of his life after the 1917 revolution.  He befriends a little girl who also lives in the hotel; Marcus plays her piano teacher.

He also plays one of the mermen in The Little Mermaid.

Only one other paranormal show, and he doesn't even play a supernatural being?

Not many biographical details available. A 2021 article in Pause magazine states that he is 25 years old, from Manchester but living in London. He began modeling at age 18, then started university, but left to go pro.

In spite of the paucity of biographical details, Marcus has a very active social media presence, with hundreds of posts about travel, food, and beefcake. Here he is in Greece

In Rome

On the beach.  Does Marcus have a palsy disorder in his left hand, or is he displaying some magickal gestures?

More after the break

His posts mention Pride activities, and he is often shown hugging guys; yet there are also many photos of Marcus hugging, kissing, and holding hands with a woman, going out to dinner in two male-female couples, wearing a wedding ring, and holding a small child.  So, is he gay, or just an ally?

The answer can be found in an article in Attitude about gay men in the hyper-masculine, homophobic world of professional modeling.  Marcus notes that it took him awhile to be comfortable with saying "I'm gay and proud."  "Especially if I'm in a room full of straight lads."  Having a boyfriend has helped him to combat the heteronormativity. I never thought of the world of fashion as hyper-masculine.  If anything, it has the opposite connotation: the stereotype that all male models are gay.

So what's with the girl-snogging?  When I was young, gay men couldn't talk to a woman or mention a woman, no matter how casually, or their family and straight friends would explode with ecstasy and scream "You're really straight!  I knew it!"  

I guess Marcus belongs to the "no one will think you are straight for smoohing girls" generation.

: I just finished binging Dead Hot, and Marcus does not play a shape-shifting demon, just a crazy actor with motives that make no sense.  Bummer.

Well, at least we have the travel photos.  The Gare du Nord train station in Paris, below, makes me homesick. 

Lord of Misrule: Two of the photos in this collection are really Stefano Marshall, another Little Mermaid merman, and one is a random dude. 

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