Actors A-L



 Brax Alexander: Three heterosexual boyfriends, three serial killers, a saxophone, and five bare butts

Brax Alexander, Model: Concentrate on the face, not the physique, until he's finished bulking up

Brock O'Hurn:

Brock Cock, Part 1: Brock O'Hurn's buddies and bulges, pigs and penises, cowboys and..well, you get the idea

Brock Cock, Part 2: Brock O'Hurn plays Torsten, Zeus, Hulk Hogan, and Super Hot Warrior Man, with that famous frontal

Brock O'Hurn goes gay-inclusive for Icelandic Water

Brock Yurich: Romcom hunks, hustlers, gay villains, nude modeling, and a big reveal


Carlin James: The Third Thug, a queer romance, a gay three way, and Pretty Dudes

Chad Mountain: Matthew McConaghey's "longtime associate."

Chris Messina: The guy from Birds of Prey, The Mindy Project,  and lots of movies with dicks and angst.

Christian Boeving: Fitness expert turned porn star turned movie monster

Christopher Atkins: My West Hollywood friend and 1980s gay icon

Corey B cooks with Leto, Harrelson, Cavalero, and his mystery boyfriend.  With bonus Woody wood.

Cory Chapman: Lots of man friends, some gay roles, a queer buddy, and nude co-stars. So where's the beef?

Cullen Moss: Two drag queens, two homophobes, a security guard, a fairy, and a frontal


Dakare Chatman, Singer, dancer, Christ follower, conservative spokesperson, LGBT ally

Daniel Benson: The gay-vague Disney Channel teen finds a new career showing gay guys his dick

Daniel Cudmore: Colossus, Felix, fitness model, the God of War.  Plus his colossal Colossus cock

Danny Griffin: Cornish artist, rider, beefcake-shy muscle hunk, With Matthew McConaughey bonus

Danny McBride nude, finally

David Boreanaz and Friends: A tortured vampire, a fundamentalist FBI agent, a homphobic ghost, and gay porn

Dennis Quaid: Two gay guys, some cops, a shrunken scientist, and is that a dick shot?

Dermot Mulroney: From tearjerker victim to corrupt preacher, with some nudity in between

Derek Yates: The Smiley-Emoji and Eggplant guy 

Dillon B: Beefcake and possible nude photos of an IT guy, crabber, model, part-time actor, and Slytherin




Jake Kelley:

Joe Jonas:

Joe Jonas: The world's most famous Christian, flirting with Tony Cavalero and showing a bulge

Joe Jonas and the Jonas Brothers: "I wanna be like you."

Joel Rush:

Joel Rush: Why do all the other guys in his movies get naked?

Joel Rush: More beefcake, plus the glory hole penis scene

John Amos: I've seen the guy from Roots and Good Times naked in the locker room

John Cena: Wrestler, cyclist, superhero, and Fred's Dad

Joshua Mikel: Pirate, Satanist, zombie chow, boyfriend. With two important questions answered, and maybe a cock

Johnnie Gordon: Wicked Lips, the  Black Mafia, Terror Lake, and Chick Fil-A. With bonus nude dudes

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