Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Jamar Pusch: A lot of biceps and bulges, an occasional dick, but nothing about the person behind the pecs.


A poster on the Brock O'Hurn fan board asked if we were familiar Jamar Pusch: "A top predator for sure."  I wasn't, but I soon got an eyeful: he has enormous quads and delts, moderately ripped abs, and the biggest pecs in bodybuilding history.  The measurements don't seem to be available online, but they have to surpass Arnold Schwarzenegger's 54"   Back when I was a gym rat, I topped out at 48"

Ok, now they've crossed the border into grotesque.  You look like you have boobs, dude.

Jamar is very active on social media. His Instagram, tagged, "King of Pecs," has 757,000 followers

He has several Facebook pages.  The biggest, tagged "Tell me the power of a man," has 121,000 members.

Plus Tiktok videos with 2.8 million views, Youtube videos with 280,000 views, X posts, and no doubt some social media platforms that I'm too old to know about. 

But they're all bicep-flexing and pec-bouncing.  Every one. No travel, no food, no friends, no family, nothing about his life outside the gym.

This was the only picture with an interesting background.  Otherwise it's just his muscles, with an occasional bulge or dick.

Only one website revealed any biographical details: He was born in Hamburg, Germany, on July 6th, 1996, Presumably his ancestry is Indian or Pakistani.  He began training in 2012: this photo shows his development between age 13 and 20

Nor is he listed on the Internet Movie Database, the Broadway Database, male model directories, bodybuilder directories...he doesn't appear to do anything professionally that would involve his face or physique. 

He has two or three porn clips,but not enough to suggest a porn career, or to determine if he is gay or straight.   He doesn't appear to do anything professionally that would involve his penis, either. 

I think he monetizes subscriptions to his videos.

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So I've seen Jamar's butt. 

I've seen him aroused in underwear.

I've seen him beating off.

I've seen him hooking up.

And I still don't know anything about the person behind the pecs. 

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  1. Impressive muscles I'm surprise he does not have an Only Fan