Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Brad Hallowell: A decade of dicks. The rest is silence.

 As Janet Weiss said in Rocky Horror, "I don't like men with too many muscles." Greek gods are nice to look at, and fun to do stuff with, but cuddling with a marble slab afterwards?   So when I stumbled onto a nude photo of Brad Hallowell while  researching something else, I thought "Nearly a perfect body.  Why haven't I heard of this guy before?" 

Maybe because he's nearly anonymous.  No Instagram, X, Facebook, or TikTok page, an IMDB biography with just his home town and date of birth -- Waterville, Maine, February 13, 1981.  Seven movies listed on IMDB, all between 2006 and 2016.  Most directed by Todd Verow, most featuring frontal nudity.  A decade of dicks, and then silence.

, 2006: A high school senior ditches his girlfriend for a same-sex romance. Brad is 25 years old.

Hooks to the Left
, 2006. An "experimental" film, shot with a cell phone camera, about the adventures of a hustler named Nail.

Between Something and Nothin
g, 2008.  An art student gets a girlfriend and pursues a hustler.

The rest of the decade after the break

Deleted Scenes,
2010: Another "experimental" film, showing us fragments of a relationship between two guys.  It appears to end with Brad's death, but we do get a cock closeup.

The Endless Possibility of Sky, 2012.  No synopsis given, but Brad and Todd Verow are co-writers, producers, and stars.  It look's like Todd's character murders Brad's character again.

2013, with Brad and Todd as writers, producers, and stars again. A "complicated love triangle, which leads to sex, drugs, alcohol, and romance."

We see Todd's cock in this one. 

I haven't seen any of these movies,but I get the impression that they're not exactly gay-positive. The forays into gay life always seem to end badly.

Required Field
, 2016. The police find the video and audio recordings of a serial killer.

And then silence.  Todd Verow is still producing, directing, and writing, some porn, some projects with disturbing nihilistic titles: Leave Blank, Swimming to the End of the World, F*ked in the Head, You Can't Stay Here, This is Where I Get Off.  

But no Brad.  Was he Todd's lover, not offered any more parts after they broke up?  Was he busy with his day job, and unavailable?  Did he get tired of displaying his dick?  Did he...die?

Wait -- there's a Brad Hallowell from Waterville, Maine on Facebook.  He looks like the same guy, with a few years added.   An administrative office assistant, previously a sales manager at a cell phone company, studied physical therapy at the University of New England. Gay, "single," but with a partner named Zachary. Like Todd Verow, an older, bald guy. Does Brad have a type.  Posts mentioning dinners, concerts, and vacations.  No acting mentioned.

Now we see what happened.  No big mystery -- Brad just left the nihilism behind. F*k the Sadness.

See also: Paul Mescal. Does he star in anything good?  And is it ok to show his penis?

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