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Eight South American Indios with pecs, abs, bulges, and the highest penis string in the tribe


I posted some bonus Amazonian guys in my Gemstones Episode 3.1 review, but I had a lot more, so here are eight hot/hung Indios from various parts of the Amazon basin.

A muscleman with a bulge -- the one on the left

There are 2.7 million indigenous people in the Amazon region, divided into 350 ethnic groups.  Most live in indigenous territories or reservations

A penis sculpture, La Paz, Bolivia

Thirty million people live in the Amazon, mostly in big cities like Manaus, Brazil and Iquitos, Peru.

Iquitos selfie. 

Showing off his penis string. The Huaorani of Ecuador, previously called the Auca, tie their foreskins to a string around their waist to protect it and demonstrate their virility. "Look, guys, I'm so big I have to tie my string around my nipples."

More Indios after the break.  Warning: arousal.

The Manaus Opera House

Manaus.  Is that even real?

A missionary.  The Amazon basin is nominally Roman Catholic, but most of the indigenous tribes have their own belief system.  Besides, Evangelicals believe that Catholic majority countries are bona fide mission fields.

The Huitoto people of Colombia.

More Huaorani. Father-son penis strings.  Wait until we get to the penis sheaths of New Guinea.

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