Thursday, June 20, 2024

Adam's Hot/Hung Photos, Part 4: A sex party, a phallic symbol doobie, two birthdays, and a tight butthole


This is a collection of hot or humorous photos of Adam Devine.  I've already posted almost all of his dick and butt shots available, but not to worry, there are some dicks and butts of other guys. 

1. "Oh no, the wind blew over the sign.  Now how will guys know where the Blow Buddies party is?"

2. "Sorry to crop you out of the photo, Chloe, but it's the only way I can get profile views on Grindr."

3. "My friends try to kill me on my birthday."

4. Well, let them go down on you once in a while.

5. "No, this is not a phallic symbol.  Sometimes a doobie is just a doobie."

6. Although sometimes doobies can lead to phalluses.

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7. "I got this job by taking my pants off, and I'm going to keep my pants off."

8. Have you ever wondered how much research it took for Adam to portray getting a blow job from a guy with such authenticity?

9. He's a perfectionist, so it probably took several hours to get the reactions right.

10. Adam and Tony Cavalero turn 40 and mourn the loss of their youth. 

11.  But when you hit 40, the twinks start climbing all over each other to get at you, so you guys can look forward to a new generation of fans.

12. But will they appreciate the tightness of your butthole?

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