Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Marcus Adair: finance major, stuntman, bodybuilder, Jabari warrior, nude model (probably)


Marcus Adair has had a busy life.  U.S. Air Force Academy, then the University of Arkansas, where he started in electrical engineering but changed to finance.  Well, calculus is hard.  

Two years playing football for the Dallas Cowboys, then an actor/producer of commercials for local gyms

And of course a pro bodybuilder.  Here he wins the NPC Seaboard Competition,

Are there any openings for posing strap fitter?

Now he considers himself primarily a stunt performer, with work in Black Panther, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Queen of the South, and Star.

Left: some Jabari warriors.

I swear, I'm only looking at his pecs and abs.

More Marcus after the break.  Warning: a bit explicit.

His acting roles include a security guard in All the Queen's Men, one of the mercenaries hired to smoke out the Cycle Ninjas in The Righteous Gemstones, and an African guy who gets high in the raunchy Nature Doc.

Plus he produced and stars in In the Dark (2024): "Podcaster Marcus faces chilling consequences as the line blurs between investigator and preyIn this thriller, silence is the loudest scream, pushing Marcus to confront the dark abyss or risk losing all."

Ok, Marcus did not write that blurb.

 In case you are wondering, 6'4" , 284 lbs,  54" chest, 44" waist, 14" shoes, cock size...well, the tape measure didn't go that high.

This photo was captioned "Halloween 2018." I'm not sure it's really Marcus.  He was married in 2018, so he wouldn't have any need to post cock shots.

A nude model?  Marcus has done about everything there is to do in front of a camera, so why not?

I swear, I'm just looking at the tire.

I couldn't find any gay content in Marcus' work, but I didn't look very hard.  I was distracted by his 54" chest and 14" shoe size.

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